ASHRAE October Lunch/Lecture Meeting

October 18, 2016
12:00 PM to 1:30 PM
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Copeland's of New Orleans
2001 St Charles Ave
New Oleans, LA 70130

Date:  10/18

Time:  12 Noon Lunch & Presentation Begin

Topic:  Sound Advice 

Good acoustical design plays a major role in creating comfortable and productive indoor environments. Air terminal units and air outlets are located in close proximity to occupants, so they tend to have the greatest impact on room sound levels. The proper sizing and selection of these products is critical to achieving the desired acoustical environment. Manufacturers publish sound performance ratings but they are of little value without a proper understanding of what they mean and where they come from. In order to properly specify system components, a basic knowledge of acoustical terminology, ratings and criteria is required.


Attending this session will improve your knowledge and understanding of HVAC acoustics.


  •      You will learn about the various industry standards used for testing and rating the acoustical performance of terminal units and air devices.
  •      You will learn how to apply manufacturers’ acoustical data in order to achieve design goals.
  •      You’ll learn the differences between noise criteria and the importance of sound quality in creating optimal acoustical environments.
  •      You will learn the best techniques for specifying acoustical performance.
  •      You will learn how to select and install terminal units and air devices for improved acoustical performance.



Speaker:        Randal “Randy” Zimmerman has spent over 30 years in the HVAC industry. He enjoys sharing the practical experience that he has gained from a career spent in the laboratory, the jobsite, the office and the factory. Randy is a frequent speaker at ASHRAE chapter meetings and technical training seminars across the USA and Canada.

Randy received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech University in 1983 and went to work in the TITUS laboratory in 1984, testing and developing various air distribution products. His long career working for a leading manufacturer of HVAC equipment has included product development, engineering, manufacturing, applications and marketing. Randy’s main areas of expertise include terminal units, air distribution, acoustics and controls.


Mr. Zimmerman began his involvement in ASHRAE technical committee activities in 2002 and currently serves in TC 5.3 Room Air Distribution as both vice chair and research subcommittee chair. He is also a past voting member and current corresponding member of TC 2.6 Sound and Vibration Control. Randy has served on a number of standard project committees including SPC 70 Methods of Testing Air Inlets and Outlets, SPC 130 Methods of Testing Terminal Units, and SPC 200 Methods of Testing Chilled Beams. In addition to his ASHRAE activities, he serves on a number of AHRI product section and engineering committees. Randy also serves on AHRI’s Technical Committee on Sound (TCoS) and was recently chosen to be subcommittee chair for AHRI Standards 880 and 885.


Randy lives and works in North Texas, where he is restoring a historic home. His hobbies interests include guitar playing, vintage sportscars and WWI aviation.


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